"Adoption means you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy"~unknown

Monday, June 23, 2014

When your two youngest start preschool.....whats a mom to do?? Well..ADOPT of course :)

So many people have asked what are you going to do when the boys start school in the fall?  They will go to Wee Can from 9am-2pm.  Well, I could answer do laundry, clean the bathroom, get dinner prepared...CRY???  But my common answer with a chuckle is "adopt another child of course" :)  We were contacted today about an adoption situation for a little boy being born in September/October.  He has a heart condition ( Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) that will require heart surgery when he is born and quite possible several months or years later. He may even at some point need a transplant.  We do however serve a God of miracles and healing!!  We are praying for him to be completely healed!!  Will you pray that with us?

We were asked to consider submitting our profile to the attorney that is working with the birth mom, quickly as if she didn't find a family she was going to go with an agency. I said I was at urgent care and I would send it as soon as I got home..(after talking to my shocked husband and really feeling God nudge us forward ).  Within an hour we got another email saying the birth mom decided to switch attorneys and they didn't know who that attorney was.  The adoption consultant said "hey we just pray and if this little boy is meant to be your son, he will be" .  A short time went by and I got an email that said "you are never going to believe this, can I call you"?  Seeing I was a little preoccupied she called David and said well, we called several attorneys and found the attorney that is working with this sweet birth mom.  What?  Wow?  No...God.  See His ways and timing are not ours!!!  But the story is just beginning....

The attorney working with our birth mom is a beautiful Christen woman who lost a son 14 years ago to the same condition this sweet baby boy has.  She has agreed to take on the case pro-bono.  This takes our fees from 21,000 to about 10,000!!  Huge blessing.  We have seen Gods hand move in mighty ways today. 

We will be having auctions, garage sales and other fundraisers along the way.  Our first hurtle is to raise $1400 by Friday.  We have to have our home study amended, as well as pay some fees.  

We are so stinkin'  excited on this road God is taking us down.  Will you join us?  Mostly in prayer but also if you feel led financially?  We are still paying some fees to the boys attorney but we know this is of God.  Our paypal link is in the upper left hand corner if you feel led to just give.  If you want to donate something to an auction that would be awesome too. We are also holding a 50/50 raffle so if you decide to go that route it is $5 ticket and just put that in the paypal message :)  We know that God has great plans for our family and for this sweet little boy!! WAHOOOOOOOO  my heart is soaring!!!!  

So in September instead of sitting around and eating bon bons and napping...err...i mean cleaning and doing laundry, I will have sweet lips to kiss and more diapers to change and songs to sing to this sweet little boy...Our newest son!!!!  Thank you to all of those of you who have blessed and continue to bless our family.  We couldn't do this without all of you.  Adoption takes a village.  We aren't all called to adopt but we are called to help those that are.  We are BLESSED!!!!

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  1. Oh Kristen I have chills. So many chills. I love your family so much, I love how stories unfold. God is good. Praying for this sweet boy, and his first mama. and you all too.